Tackling the toughest drug discovery challenges through expertise

Talem boasts 30 years of hands-on experience in antibody discovery and development, offering you a unique advantage in generating clinically-ready antibody programs for successful market entry.

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On a mission to advance

Taking aim at research and development innovation for novel therapeutics

At Talem, we envision a healthier world powered by cutting-edge science and innovation. Our mission is to advance novel therapeutics for high-value targets and high-priority diseases. By forging strategic partnerships and harnessing a transformative next-gen vault of antibody assets, we are committed to the delivery of tomorrows innovation.

Engineered for the clinical race

Novel therapeutics for diseases
Focused on advancing novel therapeutics for high-value targets and high-priority diseases
Innovative science and drug development experience
Leveraging over 30 years of innovative science and drug development experience

Dedicated to advancing and delivering

With direct access to world-class, expedited and end-to-end technologies in antibody discovery, characterization, manufacturing and engineering, Talem accelerates development of novel, antibody therapeutics through strategic alliances and partnerships..


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